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At Relais Expert-Conseil, we consider it imperative to evaluate our programs and interventions systematically in order to ensure the quality and credibility of our EAPF services.  We can therefore measure the effectiveness and impact of our work within organizations.

We conduct regular follow-ups on the types of problems treated, the results achieved and the degree of satistaction of our clients.  All the information is gathered and compiled throughout the life of your EAP services.  The raw data is stored in a secure database in order to be analyzed and grouped accordingly.

Thanks to this data, we can ensure the integral quality of our EAP services, and improve customer-professional pairing by region in order to offer optimal services to our clients.

As for our clients, their Human Resources Department will receive detailed statistics pertaining to the utilization rate and breakdowns by categories and types of EAP services, as well as qualitative data on the EAPF program and how often requests were made, all the while preserving the highest levels of confidentiality regarding users.  This statistical report allows the client to assess its EAP in order to identifyproblem areas with the help of our specialists, facilitate effective prevention, and if needed, develop a problem-solving plan.

*** It is important to note that according to each code of ethics that we respect and ensure,  that all statistical data given to the client are depersonalized in order to preserve the confidentiality of the individuals using the EAP services.
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