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Relais Expert Conseil - Luc Chabot, Président et chef de direction

On behalf of the Relais Expert-Conseil team, it is with great pride that I invite you to browse through our brand new website. You will notice that we have become leaders in the field of organisational and industrial psychology thanks to the experience, skill and passion of our professionals and experts.

Uniting individuals and their organization to create a positive environmentis the main challenge of present and future companies. We have developed innovative solutions to help you reach your quality and performance objectives.
Our wide range of confidential services, as well as the extensive work accomplished over the last 20 years, are benefitting thousands of men and women who are concerned with the well-being and mobilization of their workforce.
Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our team, we offer you quality services that meet the highest standards.
Just like you, we also believe that by uniting our efforts, we can find tailored solutions to help you along the way.

Luc Chabot
President and CEO
(514) 956-7445

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