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Today’s organizations are faced with an ever-changing environment, including business globalization, the rapid development of information technology and the diversification of the workforce, which represent significant challenges, particularly in terms of human resources management.
To promote sound management of these changes, Relais Expert-Conseil offers a wide range of personalized services in order to increase your organizational effectiveness and optimize your results.

Human resources strategy development

Is your human resources management strategy aligned with your business plan?

In the economy within which we find ourselves today, your human capital can represent a key competitive advantage. An organization must therefore be able to rely on a series of human resources management practices that are not only aligned with the company’s business strategy, but also consistent with each other. Through a thorough analysis of your business environment, Relais Expert-Conseil will guide you towards the adoption of human resources management practices that are perfectly suited to your reality and needs, while following best practices.

Our services include the development or revision of:
  • hiring strategies;
  • onboarding programs;
  • human resources development plans;
  • performance management processes;
  • etc.

Human resources audit

For many small- and medium-size companies, growth often means formalizing human resources processes in order to promote equity, to ensure compliance with various laws, and to align with best practices in human resource management.

To this end, Relais Expert-Conseil can assist you in conducting a human resources audit. Following the analysis, our consultants will prepare a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations. As a second phase, our team can assist you in the implementation of this transformation through a wide range of tools and personalized services, ensuring that your processes and human resources policies are aligned with the laws and regulations in place and with your business strategy.

Management Dashboard

Your HR processes are established, but do they allow you to achieve the desired results?
Are your human resource initiatives consistent with your business priorities and do they contribute to the success of your organization?

Evaluation and monitoring of human resources strategies and practices is very important for an organization. In fact, human resource management practices have a direct impact on organizational performance. It is therefore to the advantage of leaders to implement the necessary steps to ensure that their initiatives in this area are consistent, focused and communicate the right message to employees.

Increasingly used in large organizations, dashboards are made up of a set of indicators that correspond with the organization’s strategic orientation. Dashboards enable better communication of business priorities and a more effective monitoring of the strategy’s implementation.
Relais Expert-Conseil offers you the expertise and knowledge of seasoned consultants to guide you in developing such management tools, whether it is to assist you in your strategic thinking, the selection of indicators or the rigourous collection of data.

Advice and support regarding labour relations

With a rate of 40.2% in Quebec and 30% in Canada in 2012, the existence of unions is a reality for many workplaces. Although in most cases the relationship between employer and certified associations are relatively good, some companies may experience difficulty in this regard. According to data from the ministère du Travail of Quebec, 45 labour conflicts were ongoing in January of 2014. While all labour conflicts do not have the scope or coverage as that of the National Hockey League (NHL) during the 2012-2013 season, the fact remains that an extended work stoppage can result in significant financial losses and irreparable damage to a company’s relationships with its customers and suppliers.

These conflicts also present major challenges that affect human resources management. Relais Expert-Conseil has developed a unique expertise and offers customized services to companies facing difficulties with regards to labour relations.

Managing employees’ return to work after an extended work stoppage

​Strikes, lockouts or labour conflicts are all realities that deserve a special attention and the development of a personalized and measurable action plan.
Relais Expert-Conseil has successfully assisted numerous companies in the return to work of their employees. The firm has accompanied and supported many leaders and decision makers in the planning and coordination of best approaches to prevention and management linked with the return to work of employees following a strike or lockout. Relais Expert-Conseil has positioned itself as a key partner in the success and deployment of successful solutions.

Our multidisciplinary team offers quality guidance in the implementation of conditions that will facilitate and ensure a successful return to work of your employees. Our services include the following:
  • Rigourous analysis and diagnosis of the situation;
  • Personalized action plan;
  • Training and preparation sessions for managers;
  • Assistance and support programs for return to work;
  • Comprehensive assessment of work climate indicators;
  • Establishment of parity committees;
  • Strategic planning support.

Outsourcing your HR activities

Facing the complexity of human resources management and the legal requirements in this area, many companies are now outsourcing some of their human resources activities.

More than an external service provider, Relais Expert-Conseil has positioned itself as a trusted partner that offers relevant, personalized and flexible services that will be adapted to your needs. Whether you are looking to temporarily assign the responsibility of your human resources department or to outsource some activities requiring a specific expertise, Relais Expert-Conseil offers services tailored to your situation.

HR due diligence

The term due diligence refers to all audits relating to the situation of a company which are conducted by a purchaser or a potential investor before concluding any transaction. Considering the importance of human capital to the success of an organization, such audits cannot be considered exhaustive without a thorough analysis of the organization social realities, namely the quality of the climate and labour relations as well as its human resources policies and practices.

To support you in this process and give you the necessary information to make an informed decision, Relais Expert-Conseil has established a rigourous analysis and evaluation process based on a comprehensive assessment of the human resources component.
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