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Issues related to addiction in the workplace have become increasingly worrisome. The numbers speak for themselves. To name a few, according to a Gallup survey which polled 1,000 employees, 43% of respondents said they had seen a colleague intoxicated while at work and 17% mentioned they have seen (or heard) of the use of illicit substances in the workplace.

Intoxication during or outside of work is associated with problems at work leading to a decrease in productivity, an unpleasant work atmosphere as well as an increased risk of accidents (related to a decrease in concentration and memory, perception and judgement).

Relais Expert-Conseil has demonstrated a world-class expertise in the field of addiction.  In addition to corporate training, our experts are invited every year to provide training in universities in order to share the latest information in the areas of prevention, management and resolution related to addiction issues.

Addictions to alcohol, illicit drugs, medication, compulsive gambling and Internet are problems that will be discussed during the training sessions relating to addiction problems. The material will be discussed by taking into account the reality of the workplace and the specific needs of the company. 

The topics explored are primarily related to:
  • Epidemiological data;
  • Impact on the company (relating to health and safety);
  • Legal aspects;
  • Prevention and management strategies;
  • Screening.
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