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Since provisions relating to psychological harassment have been added to the Act respecting labour standards (CQLR, chapter N-1.1), many employers have adopted internal policies to manage these complaints. However, for many companies, the practical implementation of their policy remains a challenge, particularily when a complaint is filed. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear the following questions raised equally by the Human Resources team, managers or upper management:
  • An employee filed a complaint for psychological harassment at work. As a member of the Human Resources team, you do not know how to treat the complaint...
  • You are unsure how to manage confidentiality surrounding a sexual harassment complaint from an employee toward a superior. The employee no longer wants to work within the same team...
  • An employee complains about a supervisor following an unsatisfactory performance evaluation. The employee feels unfairly evaluated and files a complaint under the prevention of harassment at work policy. You must handle the complaint, but do not know how to shed light on this situation and whether the complaint is valid or not...
Discover our specialized services:
  • Investigations following the filing of a psychological harassment complaint;
  • Mediation and conflict management.

Our team’s experience

Relais Expert-Conseil has established a team of consultants composed of psychologists, lawyers and human resources professionals who have been working for many years in the field of harassment prevention and complaint management in the workplace. Within this field, our team works intensively to:

  • support organizations regarding the implementation of preventative strategies against harassment and discrimination at work;
  • assist organizations in developing and implementing internal policies to prevent harassment and discrimination at work;
  • process, investigate and analyze complex harassment complaints filed under the company's internal policy;
  • prepare comprehensive investigation reports based on the findings of an investigation;
  • propose recommendations following the conclusions of an investigation;train the different actors involved in the prevention and management of harassment and discrimination at work.


Relais Expert-Conseil will guide you in order to assess the admissibility of a harassment complaint as well as processing the complaint.

Relais Expert-Conseil acts as a neutral and objective party and has developed this expertise through years of investigating harassment and/or discrimination complaints in the workplace. A solid team of consultants composed of psychologists, lawyers specialized in conflict management and human resources professionals has earned a solid reputation in the management and prevention of such delicate situations, and this, in a wide variety of companies and activity sectors.

Often recommended and chosen jointly by employers and unions, Relais Expert-Conseil is proud to have conducted several hundreds of cases involving investigations on harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We can attest that:

  • Our investigations are conducted in a conscientious and objective manner, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality. They are also performed with due respect for the parties involved.
  • Meetings are conducted with the use of semi-structured interview questionnaires, allowing respondents to feel that they are being heard, while we gather comprehensive and complete data;
  • Information and documentation is rigorously analyzed;
  • Following the investigation, you will receive a clear and comprehensive written report based on rigorous data. The report will include preventative recommendations and be delivered in a timely manner.

Mediation and conflict management

As part of the services offered by Relais Expert-Conseil in the prevention and settlement of disputes, our team of consultants is also active in the field of mediation and conflict resolution.

When a dispute or conflict arises, parties may resort to mediation rather then engaging in a formal complaint process. By choosing mediation, the parties opt for an effective and affordable way to settle their dispute amicably.

Mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution that allows individuals of companies experiencing conflict to actively participate in finding mutually satisfactory solutions with the help of a third party, a mediator. The mediator's role is to facilitate negotiations, to help the parties clarify their dispute and to define the terms ans conditions of an acceptable settlement that meets their interests and needs. Throughout the process, the parties retain complete control over the process and the final result.

Relais Expert-Conseil's team has several accredited mediators who are skilled in adapting to the needs of their clients and the specifics of each situation. Through their intervention, the professionals at Relais Expert-Conseil accompany parties in finding the best solution to their dispute while minimizing the associated human and financial costs.

Lockout, strikes and other work-related conflicts

Relais Expert-Conseil has developed a solid expertise in coaching businesses and organizations experiencing difficult labour relations leading to lockouts, strikes and/or other work-related conflicts.

These difficult situations bring about considerable challenges and impact human resource management on many levels. The multidisciplinary team at Relais Expert-Conseil has developed a unique expertise with regards to organizational psychology and labour relations associated with these issues and can play a strategic, advisory role in such matters.

Lockouts, strikes and/or labour disputes require special attention and a customized action plan with measurable results. For many years, Relais Expert-Conseil has coached a number of businesses in successfully reintegrating their workforce and in supporting leaders and decision-makers in planning, structuring and coordinating the best management and prevention strategies after a lockout, strike or conflict.
Our services include:
  • Analyzing and diagnosing the situation;
  • Developing and implementing action plans;
  • Training and preparing managers;
  • Preparing welcome meetings when employees return;
  • Providing employee assistance and support programs during the reintegration phase;
  • Assessing work climate indicators;
  • Setting up joint committees;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Expert advice;
  • Etc.
In order to ensure the best conditions to facilitate the reintegration of your workforce after a lockout, strike or conflict, the multidisciplinary team at Relais Expert-Conseil becomes an essential partner in deploying successful solutions.
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