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A-la-carte training

Relais Expert-Conseil has developed and implemented several training packages on a variety of topics, which are all designed to address the specific concerns and needs of clients.

For each training request, our team works closely with the client in order to offer training activities that are not only effective and efficient, but that are also tailored to the specific reality, culture and challenges of the client organization.
  • Do you have specific training needs?
  • The specific issue you wish to address is not part of the topics which are generally presented?
  • Do you wish to adapt your training to a specific format (individual, small/large groups, remote training, etc.)?
  • Do you wish to adapt your training by using particular media (webinars, E-learning, interactive videos, etc.)?
Our team of multidisciplinary professionals (social workers, psychologists, lawyers, human resources professionnals, accountants, information technology technicians, etc.) with diverse fields of expertise, are here to help you develop and implement a training program tailored to your needs.

Leadership and management: managerial courage

The concept of managerial courage takes on its full meaning in a highly turbulent enviroment.  The concept refers to the ability of a manager to make decisions, which may be unpopular, in line with the long-term organizational goals.

In order to raise managers’ awareness with regards to the impact of their management pratices on the attitudes and behaviours of their employees and to foster managerial courage, Relais Expert-Conseil offers training that:
  • Explores personal levers of courage and fosters better acknowledgement of strenghts and areas that require improvement;
  • Introduces management imperatives and develops reflexes in order to successfully overcome major challenges.
This training is offered both in group sessions as well as on an individual basis (coaching).

We favour the use of simulations, role plays and video clips to help participants (employees, supervisors, managers, human resources team members, etc.) to put into practice their newly acquired skills and concepts in an interactive and lively manner.

​Social media and NICT

Social networks and new information and communications technologies (NICT) are now omnipresent at work. Although they do present many benefits, it is important to manage their use and control the potential risks that are associated with their use.

In order to foster sound management of these technologies in the workplace and inform employees of their rights, but mostly of their obligations, Relais Expert-Conseil has partnered with Lavery to offer a training session that will:
  • Raise participants’ awareness to the potential risks and consequences of social media and new information and communications technologies in the workplace;
  • Present the rights and obligations of all parties involved;
  • Share management and prevention best practices pertaining to the use of social media and NICT in the workplace.
This training session is offered in a group format.

We favour the use of simulations, role plays and video clips to help participants (employees, supervisors, managers, human resources team members, etc.) to put into practice their newly acquired skills and concepts in an interactive and lively manner.

Relais Expert-Conseil’s training centre

Our training centre includes a team of multidisciplinary professionals. This team works hard in order to provide you with the latest information and developments in the scientific clinical, medical, legal and management fields.
  • Our team of trainers has accumulated a considerable number of training hours within various companies and in very diverse fields.  This extensive experience has enabled Relais Expert-Conseil to develop a centre offering training that is tailored to our clients’ preoccupations and concerns.
  • We offer “turn-key” training solutions.
  • We consistently monitor the quality of our sessions and seminars, which is why our clients are highly satisfied with the caliber of our training as well as the dynamic and professionalism of our trainers.
  • Our training centre team is highly flexible and available to meet the needs of our clients, and can travel if so required. They can offer sessions during days, evenings or nights if needed, according to a variety of work schedules.
Our training solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your situation in order to meet your particular needs.


Among its innovative training solutions, Relais Expert-Conseil has developed customized 'E-Learning' solutions.

The participant (whether an employee, supervisor, manager, etc.) is asked to follow an individualized and interactive training in which he or she will be required to “actively” participate. We refer to these training sessions as “interactive”, in part because the individual has before him an animated visual and audio product, and also because the individual will be asked to actively respond (for example, the individual is asked to ‘click’ in order to change pages, to answer questions, etc.). 


E-Learning training sessions are designed according to your specific needs and customized to the reality of your business. For example, we may use pictures taken within your company, so that your employees can better identify with the material presented, project themselves in the work environment and feel more engaged in the learning process. Note that our interactive solution also evaluates the candidate's knowledge through interactive and integrated questionnaires, records the success rate and, finally enables the participant to print a certificate (proof) attesting to his or her successful completion of the training.

These interactive training sessions are offered in CD/DVD/Web (Internet/intranet) formats, and can therefore be used in various work settings equipped with basic computer media tools. These solutions are particularly interesting since they do not only promote individualized training but also greatly reduce training costs.
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