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Relais Expert-Conseil stands apart by the quality of its training sessions. Thanks to our vast experience in different professional settings (in public and private sectors, small and large businesses, culturally diverse settings, etc.), we can respond effectively and creatively to the specific training needs of our clients.

We are flexible and available, and can travel within Canada, North America and Europe as well as offer training sessions during days, evenings or nights if needed, according to a variety of work schedules.

Our team of trainers excels by their constant concern to offer training:
  • That includes the latest trends and developments regarding the psychosocial, organizational and legal aspects of management;
  • That, regardless of the issues being discussed, the content is tailored to the specific needs, contexts, issues and characteristics of the client’s employees and workplace.
  • That is highly appreciated not only for the expertise shown by the trainers, but also for the the formats and teaching methods used.

Training topics

We have developed a unique expertise in the following four sectors:
  • Effective supervision and management;
  • The prevention of all forms of addiction;
  • The prevention of harassment, discrimination and high-risk behaviours in the workplace;
  • The prevention and management of absenteeism.
Relais Expert-Conseil has also developed complementary training related to specific concerns affecting employees, managers and executives within today’s organizations.
Those other topics include the prevention of conflicts in the workplace, the prevention of stress and burnout, mental health, work/life balance, etc.

Who are our clients

The training team at Relais Expert-Conseil works within multiple and varied working environments, ranging from public to private sectors, companies with unionized and non-unionized employees, culturally diverse realities, and with small- and medium-size businesses as well as multinationals.
By providing training in so many diverse environments, we have had the opportunity to develop an expertise with different types of clients: 
  • Unionized and non-unionized employees;
  • Supervisors and managers;
  • Human Resources team members;
  • Executives and senior management personnel.

Training formats

We offer training in a variety of formats in order to meet your needs:
  • large group training sessions (20 or more participants);
  • subgroup training sessions (5 to 20 participants);
  • individual coaching;
  • webinars;
  • online interactive training sessions;
  • awareness and information sessions.
Using different presentation and teaching formats also reflects our ongoing concern to present our clients with a dynamic learning experience. Therefore, our training sessions are interactive and lively, either through the presentations themselves, accompanying videos or practical subgroup exercises (role-playing, debates, situational exercices, etc.).
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