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Absenteeism related to mental health problems at work remains a challenge for today’s businesses.  In Canada, numbers show that one person in five is likely to experience a mental health problem in his or her lifetime, which translates into nearly six (6) million Canadians (Health Canada, 2003. Canadian Health Network). It is estimated that mental health problems are the most common cause of work disability.
  • How can we help an employee who is returning to work after a prolonged leave of absence due to a disability?
  • How do we restore an appropriate climate within the workplace when it is affected by a high rate of absenteeism?
  • How do we identify risk factors that may be linked to increased rates of absenteeism at work?

If these are some of the concerns your company is facing, Relais Expert-Conseil can offer training related to the management and prevention of absenteeism as well as tailored individual support.


Managing absenteeism affects various aspects of human resources management.  Relais Expert-Conseil specializes in prevention and intervention strategies (for ex. temporary assignments, support committees, etc.) designed to counter the effects of psychosocial stressors that can influence the rate of absenteeism.We focus on the following topics:

  • Violence and psychological harassment in the workplace;
  • Alcohol and drug abuse;
  • Nicotine addiction;
  • Work-related stress;
  • Mental health.
We will examine the impact of these psychosocial stressors on the work climate and rate of absenteeism.  In addition, we will share the latest data on absenteeism. We will enable employees and managers to identify risk factors for work absenteeism.  Finally, we will present a strategy for the prevention and management of absenteeism, as well as coaching plans for the reintegration of an employee after a prolonged leave of absence.
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