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An employee is often absent from work, his colleagues are concerned that he might be depressed...
A manager is concerned because one of his employees is a poor collaborator and maintains unsatisfactory relations with his peers…
Following his dismissal, an employee claims he is addicted to alcohol...
An employee has been on sick leave for a year because of a burnout; his employer would like to know how to help him reintegrate his position...
A manager feels overwhelmed because the climate in his team has deteriorated due to a conflict between two difficult employees...

Do any of these difficulties sound familiar to you as a manager?

With our integrated approach and extensive experience in the assessment of and intervention with employees facing difficulties, we can answer your questions and provide high quality services.

Our partner team of psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians bring their know-how to help solve the most complex problems:
  • mental health of an employee;
  • issues related to drug addiction;
  • disruptive behaviours within a company;
  • circumstances related to long-term disability;
  • risk factors and contributing factors of problems;
  • etc.
Advice and support for the management and prevention of mental health issues
Advice and support in conflict management
Team building guidance and support
Assistance to your employees dealing with addiction
​Guidance and assistance regarding psychological harassment cases


Advice and support for the management and prevention of mental health issues

​Psychological disorders, including stress, anxiety and depression, are a major cause of disability in the workplace. As a manager, you will therefore have to deal, sooner or later, with employees facing mental health difficulties. Will you be ready? You may be faced with the following issues:
  • What is the nature and degree of the disorder of my employee?
  • How can I support this employee?
  • Is the employee able to work?
  • Does the employee represent a danger to himself or to his colleagues?
  • Is a medical referral required?
  • Are urgent measures needed?
  • How can an employee return to work after a prolonged absence related to mental health difficulties?
Relais Expert-Conseil provides assessment / psychosocial evaluation services regarding the mental health of employees, prepared by a team of experienced clinical psychologists. We also offer transportation services for your employees, from the workplace to our assessment center, or, to the specialized treatment location.
In some cases, when medical-psychiatric expertise is indicated, we ask for a complementary assessment made by a specialist within our network. In addition, we have access to a wide range of psychometric tools to respond appropriately to each specific need. These tools include the following:
  • mental examination;
  • psychosocial investigation;
  • psychosocial diagnostic;
  • administration of standardized psychometric tests;
  • psychological diagnosis impressions (according to DSM-IV-TR);
  • psychiatric assessment, if necessary.
The written report that you will receive following the assessment or expertise will be:
  • precise and complete;
  • supported by psychometric data;
  • delivered in a timely fashion.

Advice and support in conflict management

​Tensions and conflicts between colleagues can greatly compromise the work environment and significantly impact the emotional health of employees. That is why it is important to be able to identify and defuse potentially acrimonious situations before they escalate. In fact, unresolved work conflicts are a significant risk factor leading to the development of harassment situations.

In addition to providing conflict management and prevention programs in the workplace, Relais Expert-Conseil has developed an expertise in the assessment of such potentially difficult situations.
As a manager or member of the human resources team, you may sooner or later be faced with one of the following issues:
  • Why is an employee constantly in conflict with his colleagues or his manager?
  • How can we resolve a conflict that has been present for months between two employees? How can I defuse this situation?
  • How can I improve the working relationship between these two teams, between which rivalry and tension prevail?
  • How can I improve the work climate within my business, how can I prevent conflicts and their escalation?
Based  on frequently observed issues, our evaluations in this area can be made:
  • with an individual (evaluation / specific expertise);
  • with a team (team climate survey);
  • with the entire workplace (questionnaire / psychosocial survey)

Team building guidance and support

Having cohesive teams is the basis for a healthy and pleasant workplace, and make it a great place to work. However, in a work environment where the pressure to perform is most often deeply ingrained, maintaining a positive team climate can become a major challenge for managers. Furthermore, a team is generally composed of individuals with different personalities and is not immune to tension, discomfort and rivalries.

In this context, Relais Expert-Conseil can assess the climate of your work teams as well as provide appropriate team-building activities that will help managers:
  • identify the various forces involved within the team;
  • identify risk factors;
  • understand the decision-making process;
  • understand the conflict-resolution process;
  • identify communication processes;
  • identify areas of potential conflict;
  • learn how to manage change;
  • learn about employee recognition;
  • learn how to energize and mobilize teams by setting common goals and objectives;
  • develop preventative strategies to maintain a positive team climate.

​Assistance to your employees dealing with addiction

Issues related to addiction in the workplace are of great concern today. The statistics available speak for themselves. According to a Gallup survey which polled 1,000 employees, 43% of respondents said they had seen a colleague intoxicated while at work and 17% mentioned having seen (or heard) of the use of illicit substances in the workplace.

Addictions to alcohol, illicit drugs, medication, gambling and computer are issues that are becoming increasingly common in the workplace and for which managers are unfortunately not well equipped to handle.

Relais Expert-Conseil is well known for its expertise in the field of prevention and management of addictions in the workplace. In addition to its training and prevention activities (conferences, awareness information booths, etc.), Relais Expert-Conseil offers managers and human resources teams support and solid assessment/expertise services.

In addition, when necessary, we can offer transportation services to employees (to our assessment center, to treatment resources/centers, etc...).

Our comprehensive evaluations will answer  frequently-asked questions such as:
  • My employee came to work staggering and smelling of alcohol. Does he suffer from an addiction?
  • My employee has an addiction problem, is he still able to do his job? Is he a danger to himself or to his colleagues?
  • How can I support this employee who told me he has a drug problem?
  • As an employer, what are my obligations towards the employees, in terms of managing addictions?

Guidance and assistance regarding psychological harassment cases

Following the addition of the provisions on psychological harassment under the Act respecting labour standards (CQLR, chapter N-1.1), many employers have implemented a policy related to the management of psychological harassment complaints. Yet, for many of them, the practical application of the policy remains a problem, particularly when such a complaint is filed initially.

It is not uncommon to hear the following questions, from the human resources staff, managers, or upper management:
  • Two employees experience significant conflict at work. Is this situation a case of harassment?
  • A new employee is being called names and rejected by some colleagues because of his or her physical appearance. To your knowledge, this employee has not filed a complaint, but as a manager, you ask yourself: “how should I intervene?”
  • An employee, because of his or her ethnicity, is isolated by his or her peers. He or she has not complained about this, but you want to restore a more harmonious climate...
  • You want to draw attention to the team climate in your workplace, where you feel there is a risk of harassment. You do not know how to proceed.
If you ask yourself such questions, Relais Expert-Conseil can offer you, in addition to its training program, evaluation services in the field of prevention and management of harassment and discrimination at work. Our range of services and activities consists of:
  • support for the development and implementation of a harassment policy in the workplace;
  • prevention and awareness in the workplace;
  • training / coaching to employees at all levels;
  • evaluation / expertise of individuals, teams and workplaces;
  • investigations.
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