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Relais Expert-Conseil provides organizations an opportunity to develop their managers’ knowledge base. We have developed a series of mini-training sessions, which last from 3 to 6 hours each, covering many aspects of operations management. These mini-training sessions are offered in your offices in order to minimize the loss of time due to transport and to maximize their work schedule.
Here is a list of our mini-training topics:

Logistics –manage and ensure ressources profitability

(Duration: 6 hours)
  • Human resources management (administration, development, delegation, job cycles);
  • Material resources management (logistics, inventory management, classification, prioritizing, “just-in-time”).

Operations management- lean management / KAIZEN

(Duration: 3 hours / also offered in a 6-hour format with Kaizen simulation)
  • Introduction to lean management;
  • Kaizen philosophy;
  • “P.O.D.C.+A.” and “Deming wheel” concepts;
  • “5S” program;
  • “Mudas @ Gemba”;
  • Discussion on news regarding lean management;
  • Operations pPlanning and organization;
  • “QQOQCCP” method;
  • Management tools (MRP, ERP).

Introduction to project management

(Duration: 6 hours)

Project management concepts:
  • Project management definition and terminology;
  • Life cycles of a project;
  • Merise  “3C” method;
  • Functional diagram;
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS);
  • PERT diagram;
  • GANT diagram;
  • IT project management tools;
  • Management throughout the project – contigencies;
  • Conclusion: post-mortem.

Quality management in the production of goods and services

(Duration: 3 hours)
  • Workflow concept and quality management;
  • Concept: acceptable quality gap;
  • Client’s needs;
  • Exceeding client’s expectations?;
  • Parameters of “service quality”;
  • Total quality / integral quality management (IQM);
  • Quality control tools and quality indicators.

Sustainable development in operations management

(Duration: 3 hours)
  • Why talk about sustainable development?;
  • The pillars of sustainable development;
  • The organization’s social responsibility (ISO 26000);
  • 7 areas of reflexion;
  • 7 principles of social responsibility;
  • Obligation of watchfulness;
  • Systemic approach to sustainable development;
  • “What should we do?” – the 7 steps;
  • Videos and discussions.

Manage unusual situations

(Duration: 3 hours)
  • Introduction to risk management;
  • Risk management approaches;
  • Risk prioritisation;
  • Prevention and protection measures;
  • Risk management planning;
  • Emergency response plan;
  • Manage in an emergency situation.

Manage different generations

(Duration: 3 hours)
  • Introduction to Québec’s demographics;
  • 4-generation analysis (silent generation, baby-boomers, generation X, generation Y);
  • Understanding the differences, caracteristics, values and vision of each generation to improve management;
  • Advice on managing generation “Y”;
  • Get the best out of each generation: team building.
All these training sessions are provided by experienced trainers who offer our clients a lively and and dynamic learning experience through the use of multimedia, to promote more effective learning and retention. Participants are also provided with a printed version of the material. Some sessions include practical exercises during courses.
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