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Help and support – lockout, strikes and work-related conflicts

Relais Expert-Conseil has developed a solid expertise in coaching businesses and organizations experiencing difficult labour relations leading to lockouts, strikes and/or other work-related conflicts.

These difficult situations bring about considerable challenges and impact human resource management on many levels. The multidisciplinary team at Relais Expert-Conseil has developed a unique expertise with regards to organizational psychology and labour relations associated with these issues and can play a strategic, advisory role in such matters.

Lockouts, strikes and/or labour disputes require special attention and a customized action plan with measurable results. For many years, Relais Expert-Conseil has coached a number of businesses in successfully reintegrating their workforce and in supporting leaders and decision-makers in planning, structuring and coordinating the best management and prevention strategies after a lockout, strike or conflict.
Our services include:
  • Analyzing and diagnosing the situation;
  • Developing and implementing action plans;
  • Training and preparing managers;
  • Preparing welcome meetings when employees return;
  • Providing employee assistance and support programs during the reintegration phase;
  • Assessing work climate indicators;
  • Setting up joint committees;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Expert advice;
  • Etc.
In order to ensure the best conditions to facilitate the reintegration of your workforce after a lockout, strike or conflict, the multidisciplinary team at Relais Expert-Conseil becomes an essential partner in deploying successful solutions.

Crisis and post-traumatic interventions

In addition to managing crisis situations under Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Relais Expert-Conseil also offers support for the management of complex emergency situations: 
  • An employee has committed suicide during the weekend and you are unsure how to announce it to your team...
  • You are concerned that some members of your team may be very upset to hear of a colleague’s absence due to a serious illness...
  • An accident has occured on the assembly line,  the injured employee was transported by ambulance and witnesses are in shock...
  • You must announce to your employees the imminent closure of the plant... An employee has reported to work intoxicated and has been physically violent toward a colleague...
In order to adequately face such situations, the support of an external resource can sometimes be very useful and appreciated.
In contact with the management team, Relais Expert-Conseil will :
  • respond quickly to questions and concerns;
  • identify and understand the needs;
  • inform and prepare the managers to understand the crisis and its stages;
  • provide support to manage the different stages of the crisis.
In such situations, Relais Expert-Conseil ensures a rapid response by skilled professionals experienced in emergency and high-risk interventions. The assistance provided to managers and employees may take the form of:
  • Psychological post-traumatic debriefing sessions;
  • Individual support meetings;
  • Information and awareness sessions regarding the problems encountered;
  • Implementation of an emergency hot line as well as an assistance and support program for employees;If needed, referral toward specialized resources before the onset of post-traumatic symptoms.
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