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According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, it is estimated that one in three individuals will go through a period of emotional instability at some point in their lives. The main sources of stress for Quebecers are: financial worries (55%), work (39%), health concerns (28%), parental responsabilities (25%) and the fear of losing their job (22%).

The Employee Assistance Program (as well as the FEAP, or Family Employee Assistance Program, if available according to your contract) - is a short-term, confidential counselling service for employees experiencing different types of problems which may be hindering their work performance and/or quality of life. The purpose of the one-off assistance offered by an EAP is to resolve these problems quickly within the limited number of meetings included in the program.

EAPs and (F)EAPs constitute Relais Expert-Conseil's core competency. These programs are at the heart of all our integrated solutions with regards to health and productivity. Our reputation for expertise in the field of employee assistance programs has been established in Canada for more than 20 years.

We are well aware that human resources are the most valuable asset of any organization our mission is to help you optimize your human potential. With our programs, preventative measures, training activities and all our concrete problem-solving actions, we ensure the health, wellbeing and peace of mind of employees, no matter their sector of activity.

By capitalizing on your employees, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and solutions that will strenghten your workforce and the financial performance of your organization. Through our ad hoc and effective interventions, we help our clients reach and exceed their expectations regarding their employees’ engagement, performance, productivity and retention.

Since its creation, our company has adapted itself to new realities of the workplace in order to better prepare those we help, your employees to face the many challenges of daily life. The overall quality of our services remains vitally important to us.At Relais Expert-Conseil, what is measurable can be improved. Therefore, through our experience, we have developed and improved processes to ensure that the quality of our services meets or exceeds established standards, consistently, regardless of the geographical location where services are provided.

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