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Nowadays, our hectic lifestyle has a significant impact in the creation of anxiety and stress in our lives.  While some occasional stress can be beneficial (for ex.: when facing an emergency situation, for our survival), high levels of stress can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life.  In fact, high levels of stress are associated with significant physiological difficulties affecting sleep, appetite and blood pressure, among others.

In addition, not all individuals have the same ability to cope with stressful situations.  For some, optimal stress levels will promote performance, while for others, it will be a source of oppression and disability.  The workplace is no exception; each individual's ability to manage stress will influence the working climate and the performance level of individuals.
As part of the stress management and prevention training, Relais Expert-Conseil provides tools to help participants to:
  • identify elements that contribute to stress in the workplace;
  • identify signs and symptoms of stress;
  • understand how stress affects high-risk behaviours in the workplace;
  • understand the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle (in terms of sleep, physical activity, good nutrition, etc.) which will help prevent stress-related symptoms;
  • understand other preventative strategies useful to prevent stress at work.
This training is offered both in group sessions as well as on an individual basis (coaching).

We favour the use of simulations, role plays and video clips to help participants (employees, supervisors, managers, human resources team members, etc.) to put into practice their newly acquired skills and concepts in an interactive and lively manner.
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