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Guidance in managing change

Are your initiatives allowing you to manage resistance to change and optimize your employees’ buy-in?
Is your strategy to communicate change effective?

In the current context, companies that are the most successful are those that can adapt to their ever-changing environment. To get the best out of change, it is necessary to plan for it and manage it optimally.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of your internal environment, Relais Expert-Conseil offers personalized support that takes into account your needs and the ability of your staff to embrace change. Communication is often the key that will bring employees to embrace change. Our team of consultants will guide you in developing an effective change management strategy.

Work Climate Diagnosis

Are you concerned by the work climate within your organization or within some of your teams?
Have you detected communication problems and/or tensions without being able to identify the reason behind them?

To ensure its success, a company must focus more than ever on the talent of its employees and make sure to put in place the conditions necessary for them to achieve their full potential. While mobilization is proven to be a key element of employee retention, their satisfaction can be a significant indicator to assess the climate within a company.
Relais Expert-Conseil can not only assist you in evaluating the level of satisfaction of your employees, but most importantly, the firm and provide solutions to human challenges that can undermine the satisfaction and commitment of your staff.
A work climate diagnosis serves to assess the inner-workings and interrelations within an organization. The information-gathering process from employees gives them the opportunity to speak about topics such as work environment, leadership, communication, organizational values, human resources management practices, etc.
Following a thorough analysis of the information collected, Relais Expert-Conseil offers recommendations and practical ways to solve the problems identified so as to improve the climate within your organization.

Promoting a healthy and inclusive work environment

Relais Expert-Conseil has put together a multidisciplinary team that includes human resources specialists, psychologists and lawyers in order to offer a wide range of services to support you in your commitment to promote health.

These services include:
  • Information and training activities to educate employees and promote prevention;
  • Support in policy development and implementation of initiatives for the adoption of healthy lifestyles;
  • Psychological counseling services for employees with, among other issues, an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Management practices fostering a healthy work-life balance and diversity

The profile of the workforce within organizations has greatly changed in the last decade and is now posing new challenges in terms of human resource management.

To help you meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce, Relais Expert-Conseil can assist you on the one hand, in developing initiatives that will promote work-life balance, and on the other, to develop management practices that are favourable to diversity.
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