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In Canada, numbers show that one person in five is likely to experience a mental health problem in his or her lifetime, which this translates into nearly six (6) million Canadians (Health Canada, 2003. Canadian Health Network). It is estimated that mental health problems are the most common cause of work disability.

These statistics are extremely troubling and are part of the reasons why organizations are increasingly sensitive to their employees' physical as well as mental health.

Companies understand that their employees' optimal mental health is not only associated with a healthy working environment, but also reduces health and safety risks and increases performance and productivity.

To help you ensure healthier work environments, Relais Expert-Conseil offers a training program on the prevention and management of mental health, which can help managers identify signs of potential mental health problems in their employees, while providing them with the tools to act more effectively. The purpose of this training program is to:
  • raise awareness regarding prejudice towards mental health and mental illness;
  • recognize the different symptoms associated with different mental problems in order to determine more easily if a coworker is in distress;
  • introduce best practices for intervention with employees presenting such difficulties;
  • increase knowledge about the various support measures available through the internal support network for a more effective referral;
  • develop preventative strategies for maintaining optimal mental health.
This training is offered both in group sessions as well as on an individual basis (coaching).

We favour the use of simulations, role plays and video clips to help participants (employees, supervisors, managers, human resources team members, etc.) to put into practice their newly acquired skills and concepts in an interactive and lively manner.

Resiliency at work

When faced with adversity, one person may feel victimized while another is able to bounce back and be able to navigate within a changing environment.
What do people who bounce back and reinvent themselves in an ever-transforming environment have in common?
How can an organzation help its employees better adapt to change, foster their well-being, their self-fulfillment and their performance?

Relais Expert-Conseil can help you answer those questions with a toolbox that:
  • Introduces the concept of resiliency at work and its importance at work;
  • Fosters better self-awareness, strenghts and improvement areas, namely related to adaptability;
  • Identifies protection factors and risk factors common to the workplace in order to develop strategies that capitalize on one while controling the other.
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