Identifying a talent, assessing which candidate would be the best hire, and appointing someone to a key position within your organization are all demanding tasks which involve risks and could entail significant costs. Relais Expert-Conseil offers specialized services regarding potential assessment and selection process support. Our consultants are experienced in occupational psychology and have the expertise and knowledge of efficient tools which are adapted to your reality; they have what it takes to guide you in selecting the very best candidates.

Relais Expert-Conseil can assist you at every stage of the talent management process by offering an integrated approach that meets the challenges faced by your business.

Our know-how:

  • We can assist you in selecting best practices in order to identify employees, develop their skills and gain their loyalty.
  • We assess the potential of professionals and executives at every level in order to facilitate your decision-making process in matters of employee selection and staffing.
  • We help you identify the talent in your organization in order to appropriately groom them for key positions.
  • We create resource development plans combining individual objectives and organizational performance.
  • Executed by our consultants, who are occupational psychology experts, our approach is thorough and encompasses a variety of efficient tools.

What makes us unique:

  • We understand your business needs, objectives and challenges.
  • We contribute to your company’s performance while respecting your budget.
  • We use a tailored approach to develop a long-term business relationship with you by sharing your vision, your mission and your company’s values.
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