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Since provisions relating to psychological harassment have been added to the Act respecting labour standards (CQLR, chapter N-1.1), many employers have adopted internal policies to manage these complaints. However, for many companies, the practical implementation of their policy remains a challenge, particularily when a complaint is filed.

In fact, it is not uncommon to hear the following questions raised equally by the Human Resources team, managers or upper management:
  • Do all conflicts in the workplace constitute harassment?
  • What is psychological harassment?
  • What are our obligations and how do we meet them?
  • What is the proper way to handle harassment complaints?
If you are asking yourself such questions, Relais Expert-Conseil can offer advanced training tailored to meet your needs and answer your specific questions.

Our team’s experience

Relais Expert-Conseil has put together a team of human resources experts, psychologists and lawyers with many years of experience in the field of prevention and management of harassment complaints in the workplace.  In this sector, our team works intensively:
  • to support organizations by implementing preventative strategies to avoid harassment and discrimination at work;
  • to assist organizations in developing and implementing internal policies for the prevention of harassment and discrimination at work;
  • to process, investigate and analyze complex harassment complaints in the workplace that are filed pursuant to the company's internal policy;
  • to prepare complete investigation reports following harassment complaints;
  • to propose recommendations following the conclusions of the investigation;to train the different actors involved in preventing and managing harassment and discrimination at work.
Through these various activities related to harassment in the workplace, our team has developed a solid and recognized expertise, and developed a training program for the prevention of harassment at work that is second to none.

Training program on the prevention of harassment in the workplace

Relais Expert-Conseil offers various training options (and formats) in this area, with sessions ranging from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on the clientele and objectives. The following courses are offered:

Group training

  • Employee-focused awareness training (unionized or non-unionized  The emphasis is on understanding what constitutes, or not, harassment.
  • Training is also offered to employees with supervisory or management roles.  In this case, focus is placed on the identification of high risk situations and the pitfalls associated with the role of supervision.
  • Specific training is designed for executives, human resources personnel and management.  In addition to the previous topics, emphasis is placed on the legal aspects related to workplace harassment.
  • Finally, training is also available for personnel who will undertake the implementation of the corporate policy on harassment prevention and complaint handling, as well as for those called upon to investigate such complaints.

Individual awareness and/or coaching

  • On an individual basis, we focus on raising awareness on the prevention of harassment in the workplace and the identification of risk behaviours. This individual training will be designed taking into account the clients' particular goals.


The following topics are covered during training. Depending on the target audience and desired objectives, some of these topics may or may not be addressed.  This  training program is therefore designed “à-la-carte”:
  • Background and basic concepts relating to harassment;
  • Legal aspects of harassment;
  • Consequences of harassment in the workplace for victims;
  • Consequences of harassment in the workplace for the company;
  • Review of jurisprudence;
  • Statistics related to harassment in the workplace;
  • Risk factors related to harassment;
  • Harassment prevention and management strategies;
  • Presentation of the company's policy (if applicable).
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