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Why should an organization have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Because your employer is convinced that an Employee and Family Assistance Program leads to wellbeing, balance and a greater quality of life.

Because people are at the heart of a company’s success.

Because your Assistance Program provides professional support to help you resolve your problems.

​Because our professionals provide a neutral and confidential environment where a person can speak and be listened to; and they can guide people in their search for solutions.

​Your EAP

The Assistance Program offers employees and their immediate families (if available pursuant to your program) professional and confidential support in order to promote their wellbeing and balance when faced with situations affecting their daily lives. The qualified professionals at Relais Expert-Conseil help employees and their families find solutions. They provide them with the assistance and support needed to face their difficulties, whatever their nature.

These services are provided free of charge according to the agreement made with your employer, on a voluntary basis, taking into account your work schedule and your availability.

Rest assured that our multidisciplinary team of professionals will welcome you with discretion and respect while ensuring that your matter is treated in a strictly confidential manner.

Resources that can make a difference in your life

Your Assistance Program offers tailored and professional support in order to provide you with knowledge and tools to face particular life situations you may encounter. Here are some of those life situations listed by category:


Interpersonal relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, communication, phobia, panic attack, trauma, insomnia, hyperactivity, attention disorders, life transition, retirement, bereavement, violence, anger, harassment.

Family relationships

Separation or divorce, illness, blended family, single parenting, infidelity, child custody, education, teenage crisis, marital relationship.


Conflict, burnout, return to work, intimidation, loss of motivation, support during periods of organizational change, questioning, support for expatriates and their families.


Tobacco, drugs, alcohol or medication abuse, pathological gambling, emotional dependency, post-treatment support.

Crisis situations

Suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic shock, relationship breakup, disorganized life.

Legal and financial

​Family and civil law, credit and debt management, budget, bankruptcy.

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