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Supporting the employee in his or her request for assistance
Our extensive experience with answering requests for help has shown us that the winning approach of an EAP must include psychological assistance in order to realistically attain the goals set by companies: to ensure the employees’ peace of mind, well-being, concentration, productivity and motivation. 

Consequently, each request for assistance, whether financial, legal or medical, is first treated by a psychologist. The purpose of this first stage is to help the individual accept his or her situation, and manage the crisis and its resulting emotions more effectively.

Once the emotional health of the employee has been cared for and once we understand the psychosocial implications of his or her request for help, we can correctly address the psychological, social, financial, legal or medical difficulty.
The psychologist who performs the first evaluation will remain in charge of the case until the resolution of the problem. During the first meeting, an intervention plan is established in conjunction with the employee. According to the needs identified, the attending psychologist may ask, when applicable, one of our experts in an appropriate field (social, legal, financial, medical) to intervene according to the intervention plan established.
Relais Expert-Conseil’s Employee and Family Assistance Programs include the following services:

Psychological and social services

  • Personal problems (self-esteem, sexuality, etc.)
  • Family problems (divorce, grief, relationship, children, etc.)
  • Mental health problems (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Work-related problems (stress, burnout, harassment, etc.)
  • Coaching “Life plan”/“Work/life Balance”
  • Resolution of other personal problems
Addiction treatment services
  • Addictions (drugs and alcool)
  • Compulsive gambling (including Internet addiction)
Legal services
  • Civil legal issues (divorce, banckrupcy, etc.)
  • Criminal legal issues
Financial services
  • Budget planning
  • Credit and debt management
  • Emergencies and financial setbacks
  • Consolidation, restructuring, banckrupcy, estate planning, etc.
“Lifestyle” services
  • Career planning
  • Child care and parental role
  • Support to caregivers (seniors, children, spouse)
  • Retirement planning
  • Nutrition and weight management (nurses/nutritionnists)
  • Smoking cessation
  • Prevention of illness
  • Lifestyle
  • Personalized action plan “12-week path to physical and psychological wellbeing”
Services for expatriates
  • Stress related to the move
  • Social integration issues
  • Issues related to foreign assignments
Coaching services for managers

Coaching services are available by phone to managers requiring advice in managing human resources and other management issues in their workplace.

We are aware that managers must deal with situations that can be overwhelming:
  • Managing employees presenting a variety of symptons at work;
  • Labour relations;
  • Organizational restructuring;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Harassment;
  • Addiction management (drug or alcohol);
  • Absenteism management;
  • Incident management;
  • Organizational mediation interventions;
  • Team building and work climate;
  • Etc.

*We adapt our (F)EAP coverage based on the needs of our clients. Some programs therefore give access to a selection of our services. If you are an employee, it is preferable to refer to your employer or to our offices in order to confirm the specific options of your employee assistance program.

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