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Relais Expert-Conseil’s team of experienced professionals includes lawyers specialized in labour law, human resources professionals, psychologists, and information technology professionals, unite individuals and their organization to create a positive environment through an extensive range of services, such as:
  • Management diagnosis;
  • Human resources management strategy development;
  • HR activities outsourcing;
  • Change management;
  • HR process audits;
  • Management dashboards;
  • Advice and support with labour relations;
  • Employee engagement advice and support;
  • Promotion of a healthy and inclusive workplace;
  • HR due dilligence;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • Advice and support in the assessment and intervention regarding employees facing difficulties;
  • Investigations following psychological harassment complaints;
  • Mediation and conflict management;
  • Advice and support during lockouts, strikes and other conflicts;
  • Computer and digital forensics.
We also provide training services. Relais Expert-Conseil has developed extensive expertise in four (4) specific areas:
  • Prevention of harassment, discrimination and risk behaviours in the workplace;
  • Prevention of drug abuse and all forms of addiction;
  • Effective management and supervision;
  • Absenteeism prevention and management. 
Finally, Relais Expert-Conseil is also the proud partner of many companies as the provider and manager of their Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
By helping you balance the “Human Equation”, we are the ideal partner to help you transform the present into a system based on the human element as a driver of the future success of your organization.
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