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With Relais Expert-Conseil, you will benefit from the support of a team with proven experience in the implementation of new EAPs as well as in the transition of existing programs. We make it our mission to guide you through each phase in the integration of your new EAP program by recommending the right promotional tools for your business.
Therefore, throughout your year of coverage, we will support you by providing articles and communications promoting the use of the EAP program as well as offering tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle by tackling current themes which reflect the vision of your company.
In partnership with you, we will design and submit the promotional tools of your choice. We offer the following promotional tools:

Our starters kit will help inform, promote and facilitate access to the services offered by your new (F)EAP.
Basic promotional tools:
  • Official bilingual statement announcing the new EAP(F);
  • A two-sided, 8½ x 11 brochure describing the EAP(F) services;
  • One plasticized card per covered employee indicating the (F)EAP's coordinates;
  • Poster (11x17) to promote the EAP(F);Annual communications to be integrated to your internal newsletters, emails and/or via your intranet.
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